Text 2 May 132,614 notes WHOAAAA BLACK BETTY BLAM BA LAM!!!!




pubic hair lightener and dye exists

if you were wondering

I sure wasn’t.


So your pubes can be a main anime character too

now the carpet can match the drapes

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I feel like this guy would have Cuba Gooding Jr.’s voice….

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Photo 20 Oct Sometimes I find things I like online

Sometimes I find things I like online

Text 20 Oct Anonymous Quotes From Recent Outings

Im just sitting here smiling….. cause mah butt is tingling… - anonymous

You put it in ice cream (5x in the past week) - Me, in reference to my hand, arm and a backpack xD

Who turned out the lights? - Dave

Doctor, we should be going! - Other Dave

I love you - The only woman in the world that matters :) (aside from mommy) xD

Text 9 Oct

I cant stop thinking about you, im so excited to see you that i actually have butterflies, that hasnt happened since i was much younger, I am overweight, but you think im handsome, I am a screw up, but you forgive me, I will win your trust back, I love you, when I say that, its true, no matter what, till the day I die, I cannot sleep cause I am thinking about spending time with you, I just want to get past my class tomorrow and see you. Any moment i spend with you is a moment i treasure, I love you with my whole heart, I am yours and I profess it loud and proud on public forum, I am not the best man in the world, but I will be the best that I can be for you, no matter what


Text 8 Oct

I goofed up, but you still accept me, I made a mistake and you forgave me, I love you more than anything, and the first time I held your hand I knew I wanted to be with you and no one else, when you kissed me, I knew I never wanted to lose you, I will prove to you I am worth your trust, your love and that I will always be here for you, and take care of you and treat you like the gorgeous queen that you are, I will always protect you, and love you no matter what. I want you and me together until im old and gray :) youre amazing in every way and I know I am a screw up, but I hope I can always be more positive than the negatives of my screw ups, I love you <3

Text 7 Oct

Staying up late talking to you, waking up to texts from you, being so excited to see you, it all goes to show how happy you make me and how lucky I truly am :) I can say after quite a while, I am actually happy again thanks to you, you are amazing in every way :)

Text 6 Oct

My body is tattooed, scarred and damaged, my mind too. I mess up a lot and almost made the biggest mistake of my life, but the one woman who matters found it in her heart to forgive me and I couldn’t be happier. I may not be perfect, my mind is broken from years of fighting and a hard upbringing, my body too, from the same things, but she is still there and she is still the one who makes me happy, I am one hell of a lucky man. I hope no matter how scarred and broken I am, she stays, because to me she is a beautiful angel, perfect in every way, I don’t know what I’d do without her now. From the moment I met her I knew she was special, I messed up though and did something dumb, she forgave me, but I have yet to forgive myself, I will be better, faster and stronger for her, I am hers, and I hope she is mine. 

Text 16 Apr A Simple Rule For Life #11

I have had a few women ask for this one, so here are simple rules for what you have to remember about men:

1) Men don’t grow up, we just get bigger, here is why, we like: our toys/gadgets, food, cars, guns, boobs, a woman’s figure, couch potatoing, sleeping, relaxing, hanging with the guys (cause we can relate to them without explaining), sex, bacon, bacon added to things, beer, games.

2) If a man offers to teach you to do something, for God’s sake, just say yes, we don’t ever do that unless we care, especially if its video games, working on cars, or anything to do with anything manly, in fact, if a man offers to do something for you, just say yes! It isn’t a common occurrence for most of us!

3) If you think we want to hear the complaint, you thought wrong, asking how your day went meant “was it good or bad, if it was bad how do I make you happy so we can have sex?”

4) If a man cooks something for you, you had better freaking appreciate it, especially if its his first or firstish time cooking. Marry him now actually, cause he loves you a lot.

5) If you know a guy likes you, DO NOT lead him on, this leads to nothing but hatred and angry texts later, if you like him back tell him, if you don’t, DO NOT act like he has a chance and especially DO NOT treat him like a boyfriend. 

6) To all female friends, we do not like hearing about your boyfriend troubles, so don’t invite them into the conversation, if we ask you about it then its okay. 

7) If you can cook, sing or dance, or all three, you have one major talent that every guy likes in a woman.

8) A guy is more likely to want a girl who knows how to cook and actually does cook, fear not ladies who do not cook, there are men out there who do not care.

9) We don’t know why we do stupid shit, we just do.

10) When a man greets another man whom he knows well at any social event, its almost in his nature to make some form of retard noise as a greeting and insult the other male lovingly. 

11) Men think women are crazy.

12) Men don’t overthink things. Women do.

13) Men don’t have hidden meanings in their words, I love you = I love you, go ahead = go ahead, bitch = I am mad at you, leave me alone = go the hell away, just because we are being quiet doesn’t mean something is wrong.

14) If a guy loses sleep over you, you’re special to him. 

15) If you have a boyfriend, do not bring up your exes, we don’t like hearing about the things you have done just as much as you don’t like hearing about you “experiences”

16) Believe it or not, there are guys out there looking for something more meaningful than just your panties on the floor of his bedroom, some of us do want relationships ladies. 

17) Do not get mad without a reason, we already think you are crazy, if you are mad at us for something, get mad at us for that, DO NOT blow something else out of proportion. 

18) Manipulating a man is not funny, nor is making him suffer, if hurting you is something that upsets him, make sure that its something that doesn’t happen or show often! Do not treat that guy like crap either, most likely, if he feels that way, he likes you more than just as your friend.

19) When a guy says he means something he means it, I promised I would always love someone, and so I have, unconditionally, regardless of reciprocation, its when you piss us off that our word gets a bit unreliable. 

20) Women make no sense to men, men think logically, women do not, this is why when you cry we try to find out why, we want to fix the problem, don’t take the opportunity to take your emotions out on a man when he asks you why you are emotional, he is trying to help.

21) For the love of God… DO NOT INTERLOPE/INTERRUPT/SCREW WITH OR OTHERWISE MESS UP GUY TIME! We do not get it often, and no we do not want to go see that new chick flick rather than hang out with the guys, unless you are gonna make out with us throughout half of it and then the other half we are gonna be so focused on you we don’t have to suffer through the “romance of the century.”

Text 3 Apr A Simple Rule For Life #10

I realized today that I have learned more about life from people who never existed than people in my life. So this rule is gonna be simple, values can be learned anywhere and life is about more than just what is real and tangible. Main characters have taught me never give up, honor is more important than greed, sacrifice is a huge part of life, and all suffering is merely learning and growing through more difficult means. Life isn’t all about the physical experiences you have, but the mental ones as well. 

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